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Customer Relationship Management in Telecom and Media:

In the field of communications (media and telecommunications), a highly dynamic and competitive domain, the percentage of subscriber rates is decreasing either due to changing service providers or migrating to more appealing offers. Taking into consideration the slackening purchasing power, it becomes apparent that the players in this domain are compelled to emphasize the quality of their services while playing on diversification and cost reduction in order to retain their market positions.
To this end, it is necessary to react to the behavior of each customer and solicit their interest in order to generate revenue. We need a strategy that allows us to expand our list of prospects and highlight the services offered.

How does call center outsourcing play a role in the communication sector?

The rapid growth of this sector requires a developed and multichannel marketing strategy with a high degree of knowledge that Eworld Center provides through its professionalism and expertise. We offer outsourcing solutions for your call center based on intelligent technology and diverse skills. We provide consistent and flexible quality service that meets your expectations.

Our aim is to provide excellent customer service and long-term loyalty. As an expert in customer relationship management, particularly in the media and telecom sector, Eworld Center focuses on optimizing every contact while accurately interpreting your brand image and minimizing costs.

Eworld Center offers several services in the Media and Telecom sector such as:

User support
Telesales and cross-selling
Order management
Email processing
Database qualification
Consumer service
Appointment setting
Prospecting and project detection

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